To become Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s leading Construction Contracting Company with global footprint, and the partner of choice for Construction services.

To achieve commitment and quality that customers will trust and deliver excellence through continual enhancement of services and individual growth.

Confidence | Commitment | Collectiveness | Continual Improvement | Contribution

Management Message

HEXAGON Contracting is a Saudi construction contracting company having its head office in Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Specialized Contractor for civil and building construction services, industrial mechanical (oil & gas) construction services, and electro-mechanical construction services.

Hexagon Contracting is committed to contributing to the attainment of superior quality service by maintaining high safety standards. Our targets are delivered through a proactive approach by a team of highly competent manpower. Hexagon Contracting is committed to serving all the Clients in the most satisfactory manner.

Every aspect of Hexagon’s business is characterized by professionalism and high standards of corporate governance. Hexagon will maintain the highest standard of services and seeks to achieve this goal by commitment, quality and continual improvement of its services that will build an environment of confidence and trust.

The next step is to move forward towards sustainable development and become the key player in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for construction services and gradually set footprints in the Middle East other geographies.

Hexagon believes that the progress of its employee propels the progress of the Company. Hexagon values working as a team and will foster a culture of caring and trust for the employees, partners, and clients.

Abdulaziz M. Aljabr


Hexagon – Innovative Contracting